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Moovicart Team

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Arun Kumar [CEO]

has 5yrs experience in film industry as a producer and distributor. Member of Producer Council in India.

Location : United Kingdom.

Mandy [Film Marketing & Distribution]

has 10 years experience in Paramount Pictures UK, worked on 300 films and also has 5 years experience in various companies in UK, Germany and South Africa.

Location : United Kingdom.

Reina [Legal Advisor]

Online Marketplace, On Demand Theatrical Distribution,Movie Release,Advertising,Loyalty Platform

Location : United Kingdom.

Karla [Marketing]

An online marketplace (or) online e-commerce marketplace is a type of ecommerce website where products or services information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

Location : United Kingdom.

Clive [Cinema Operations]

Film Makers/Producers ,Experienced Distributors,Aspiring Distributors,Film Investors,Audience,Movie Promoters,Cinemas,Media Companies

Location : United Kingdom.

Nisha [Film Marketing & Distribution]

has 5 years in marketing and distribution in Sharukh khan Red Chillies Ltd, Yash Raj Films Ltd and Balaji Telefilms Ltd.

Location : United Kingdom.

Venkat [Operations Head]

has 7 years as a Business Development manager in various companies.

Location : India.

Samuel [Film Marketing]

A graduate in film production with 2yrs of experience in film marketing and British Film Institute.

Location : United Kingdom.